Aaron Keylock is a new young blues guitarist, making big waves amongst those in the know with his style and execution.

Having been compared to Rory Gallagher, amongst others, he is certainly on the rise. Before his set at Ramblin Man Fair in Kent, he took time out to chat to National Blues Review about festivals, influences, the new album and more.

NBR: So, you’ve recently been posting up videos on your facebook page of artists you really like (Georgia Satellites, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gary Clarke Jnr) – does that mean there’s any covers coming in your set?
Aaron Keylock: No, not particularly – we’ve been working on a few, and theres obviously the stuff we jam on together tho. The band all have the same interests in their music, so we jam about on different stuff. We do a few Johnny Winter songs, and do some live, but hopefully we may put some more in to the set sometime.
NBR: So if there was one song you’d really like to cover, but haven’t yet, what would it be?
Aaron Keylock: Ooh thats a hard one! I don’t know! We do a lot of playing around with (Rolling) Stones stuff, so it would probably be a Stones one.
NBR: So while you are here at Ramblin Man, who are you looking forward to seeing?
Aaron Keylock: We don’t have much free time, but Gregg Allman is probably the main one for me.
NBR: What sort of new music are you listening to at the moment?
Aaron Keylock: I’m getting into things like The Rival Sons, Temperance Movement (who are here at the Festival); obviously Blackberry Smoke, that kind of thing. Again, Gary Clarke Jnr I really like.
NBR: So you’ll be catching some of those guys here then, if you can?
Aaron Keylock: Hopefully, yeah!
NBR: So you obviously started young, playing your first headline gig at 12, so what is your first recollection of listening to music?
Aaron Keylock: As far back as I can remember, my dad was into that kind of stuff, so have memories of listening to Dogs D’amour and Quireboys stuff. As for playing, yeah, I started at 8, so fairly early I guess.
NBR: You have been compared to people like Jimmy Page, Clapton, and Rory Gallagher – did those guys influence you and your style at all?
Aaron Keylock: Yeah, definitely. I mean all those guys, but not just the music – the whole package of it – the sound, the style, the look, the whole attitude.
NBR: So is that the stuff your dad was listening to as well?
Aaron Keylock: Yeah, I guess, but the more blues influenced stuff I kind of found myself really. Dad was more, like I say, into Quireboys, Georgia Satellites etc. Skynyrd and Rory too, but the bluesy end of it came from myself.
NBR: You’ve been playing a few festivals lately, in Europe and the UK too, like Dot to Dot, which I saw you at – are the crowds different from Europe to the UK?
Aaron Keylock: Yeah, there’s a lot of different styles at festivals in Europe. The festivals here tend to be more specific. The crowds in Europe just wanna hear good music I think!
NBR: So do you prefer playing festivals, or your own gigs?
Aaron Keylock: I kind of prefer festivals really, or support slots. When its not “your” crowd and not “your” gig, it keeps you on your toes. You’re out to impress people and try to win them over, so I guess it makes you put a bit more into it.
NBR: So what’s coming up next for Aaron Keylock?
Aaron Keylock: Mostly recording at the moment. We are starting the album really soon, and sorting all that, so its hard trying to fit gigs in around the recording without knowing how long its going to take. We had the article in the last Classic Rock magazine with Dan Patlansky, and we have a gig with him in December. There’s a few gigs in Holland next month too.
NBR: So when do you hope to have the album done?
Aaron Keylock: Hopefully it will be out around the start of next year.
NBR: And there’ll be a big tour then?
Aaron Keylock: Hopefully, yeah!

Aaron’s gig with Dan Patlansky is at the Borderline in London, on December 5th.

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