Tommy Marsh and company release their debut album packed full of authentic blues.

Butterflies & Snakes is the freshman effort for Crooked Eyed Tommy. The album has 11 songs written and composed by Tommy Marsh and his brother Paddy. The band consists of Tommy Marsh, Paddy Marsh (guitar, vocals), Glade Rasmussen (bass), Tony Cicero (drums), and Jimmy Calire (saxophone/piano/Hammond B3). Originally from Santa Barbara, the boys give you the feeling they are from another era.

CrookedEyeTommy-ButterfliesSnakes-AlbumArtworkRight off the bat, “Crooked Eye Tommy,” the first track had me in goosebumps. The sliding guitar sound and driving beat will have you playing this one over and over. Marsh was born with two lazy eyes, making this track the story of his life. He said he wrote it when they decided to name the band “Crooked Eye Tommy.” He sings, “The world is going to see what a crooked eye can do,” and it will make you want to see more of what this traditional sounding blues band WILL do!

“I stole the blues”, Paddy Marsh (Tommy’s brother, who both wrote and sang the tune) proclaims. “I stole the blues; now it’s time to give it back.” The Jimmy Calires’ sax solo backs up Tommy as he names his influences from Muddy Waters to Johnny Winter.

“Tide Pool” was haunting and dreamy while “Somebody’s Got to Pay” tells us all about how the government seems not to care about people.

The whole album is sensual and raw. It would be an excellent addition to any southern rock/blues fan collection!

Crooked Eyed Tommy
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