The fourth album from Eliza Neals is a blend of Motown, psychedelic, Delta, and electric blues with a gritty yet seductive delivery.

Detroit native, Eliza Neals, is making a big splash with her fourth album. Splitting time between her hometown and Jersey City, Neals’ unique sound reveals influences from both of these famous music scenes, however, Howard Glazer’s dobro lead-in on the first track, “Detroit Drive,” reveal her influences in Blues Music stretch all the way to the Delta and beyond. Neals’ “Breaking and Entering” drips with sensuality, backed by a screaming electric blues guitar once again from Howard Glazer.

Breaking and Entering

1. Detroit Drive
2. Breaking and Entering
3. Jekyll and a Hound
4. Goo Goo Glass
5. You
6. Pretty Gritty
7. Southern Comfort Dreams
8. Windshield Wipers
9. Sugar Daddy
10. I’m the Girl
11. Spinning
12. Breaking and Entering (Radio Edit)

“Southern Comfort Dreams” is a heaping helping of southern rock, with guitar licks courtesy of Kenny Olson. In contrast, “Sugar Daddy,” released as a single in the summer of 2014, an arrangement of Barret Strong’s previously unreleased single, is straight up Motown.

“I’m the Girl” is sultry tune with a sexy bounce about a girl who wants to get to you better and will show you a great time if you let her, while Howard Glazer’s fantastic guitar licks opens “Spinning” in a psychedelic whirlwind of disorientation. The album closes with a radio edit of the title track, “Breaking and Entering.”

Eliza Neals’ latest album reveals a rare versatility of styles in her musical talents, and her soulful delivery is reminiscent of past legendary female vocalists. This self-produced album is an essential part of any emerging blues music collection.

Eliza Neals
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