The music of Lefty Williams will blow you away With All In, Lefty has stacked the deck with five tracks of rock that simmer with southern soul.

We start out shucking and jiving on a Lefty Williams train bound for New Orleans with the song Crescent. Riding a hip-shaking groove with a tasty brass backup, Lefty captivates you with his lyrics and vocals. As good as the vocals are, the guitar work is superb. Avoiding a cliché blues run, Lefty weaves in some jazzy lines, which had me thinking, Warren Haynes.

Sitting on the porch and enjoying life, Let It Roll is all about letting your soul shine and carrying your worries away. The southern honky-tonk keyboards, slide guitar, acoustic, and banjo cook up a song that will have you singing along with a big old smile on your face.

The stand out track for me was All in is Coming Apart. From the opening notes, you can feel this song deep in your heart. We find a song at first glance would have you thinking it’s about being low, but it is really a song of redemption and strength. Lefty’s big chord phrasing with the lonely cries within the solo could make you weep and smile all at once.

You Know I Love You is a tender love song that swells upon a fantastic R&B chorus. Imagine Al Green and Lynyrd Skynyrd jamming together and you have a taste for the core of this song. The solo for this song sparkles. If you’re guitar player, you are going to feel that need to grab your guitar and jam along with Lefty. When solos sing to you, it’s a calling.

All in wraps things up in the rocking You Don’t Tell Me. This is a summer time anthem that is at its best cranked out the windows as you roll down the back roads. The solo rolls, double stops, and plays with the octaves. This one cries out for radio play and is sure to get people moving.

Lefty Williams really is All In on this release. It’s a great rock album with touches of R&B. You should pick this one up when it comes out on August 21 on Tree Leaf Music.

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