The well-rounded musician that covers jazz, blues, and country assembles himself for the release of his upcoming album.

Jordan Officer describes his forthcoming album, Blue Skies, as an exploration of his roots. Officer states, “This album expresses all the shades of all the colours that inhabit my soul. This album expresses all the shades of all the colours that inhabit my soul. Blues for sure, but also the jazz of my roots, country music, rock’n’roll. My instrument and my voice – nothing is taken for granted. Everything is there. This was not my original plan, but Blue Skies is everything that I am. For the first time ever.”

The inspiration for Blue Skies comes from his recent move to Los Angeles, a far cry from New York City which give birth to his previous album. I’m Free. He moved to LA in early 2015 and was able to absorb the mellow and easygoing California energy, as is evident on his new album.

Jordan Officer, born and raised in Montreal, grew up playing many instruments such as violin, guitar, and bagpipes. His career received a kick start when he joined renowned jazz singer, Susie Arioli. The two joined forces in 1996 and have released four albums since. After the immense success achieved by Officer with Arioli, he decided to try it on his own as a solo artist. He released his first album, I’m Free, in 2010 and is preparing to release Blues Skies on Nov. 6, 2015.

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