Dirty and bluesy, rootsy and raw, Jeffrey Halford is a breath of fresh air.

With poetry for lyrics and a voice so honest it feels like a therapy session, Halford sings about redemption and a search for love, punctuated by dark resonator guitar. Mysterious, yet revealing and rustic, yet polished – Halford walks fine lines between contradicting worlds with ease. “Second Chance” has a gospel, repentant feel while “Harry We Need You” shouts with irreverence and a beat that jumps into a wild concluding romp through the blues.

He reveals the roots of his inspiration in songs like “Mexico” where you can feel the desert sun on your back thanks to the musical undertones that pay homage to the source of the song. And “Joaquin” wraps the disc with a letter to a character, you can’t help but know by the end of the tune.

A true storyteller, Halford draws you in by talking to you through melody and words and somehow whispers your own secrets back into your ear. Haunting and beautiful, Rainmaker is an inspiring listen.

Jeffrey Halford & The Healers
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